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Go from Signing Zero to ASL Hero… easier than running a marathon.


Inside of the Zero to Hero community, I help ASL newbies in their first few years of learning develop a solid foundation, a strong skillset, and a strategic practice!

How can you get in on the action?

 How does the membership work?

Inside of the membership, I’ll walk you through Layered Learning, the system I’ve used for 15+ years to teach new ASL students with hope shining in their eyes and graduate passionate and more than capable.

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Want to see how the membership is laid out? I’ve recorded a video just for you!!

What’s inside of the membership? 


3 Practice Libraries

As you go through the coursework, you’ll be guided to use the practice libraries to maximize your learning, your retention, and ability. You’re not just learning some signs, you’re learning a full, robust language and the amount of time you spent in in-depth practice QUADRUPLES your results. I’ve provided 3 libraries that build on the skills as you grow in knowledge and application and a plan on how to best use them.


6 Full Courses

With 6 packed courses your ASL knowledge will bloom and grow at a steady and quick pace. The courses are given to you at a healthy pace to ensure your success and remove overwhelm and stress. The courses cover the very beginning stages, that anyone with zero knowledge of ASL can begin and succeed. Through the rest of the courses your vocabulary, conversational skills, understanding and implementation of grammar and syntax will reach a level 3/4 college course.


12 Monthly Challenges & Daily Prompts

Each month you will be given a new challenge, that includes daily prompts and weekly practice partner prompts. Learning a new language can be daunting, but with the use of challenges that support your learning, rather than inundate it, you will be successful. The challenges were created to systematize your learning, aim for your goal, and reach your target with ease, consistency, and enjoyment.


An Amazing community

Our community ISN’T just a forum where folks pop in once and are never heard from again. Our community, inside of Facebook, is a place to CONTINUE your learning once you’ve left the course area! Watch replays of live events, videos and assignments posted by your fellow students, and connect with others to complete practice prompts. Inside the community are daily prompts to push each other to maximum success.

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 Why I’m Passionate about Challenges

In less than 30 days… she went from unmotivated and not signing to signing everyday and loving it. 

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Challenges are an integral part of maintaining your habit of practicing, learning and pushing forwards. Each challenge in the membership is doable, simple, yet effective. Each month is built upon the previous month, and on until you’ve created the perfect plan, system, and implementation of the coursework that fits your life and needs perfectly.

Time and again, challenges take those that are motivated, semi-motivated, and barely motivated and catapults them into massive action. Massive action that gets massive results. They find themselves on a sure path to their goals and find that they reach their targets much faster than their wildest dreams. All because they took on a simple and easy challenge. And had a blast doing it!

THAT’s why I love challenges.

 Who is this membership and community for?

If you’re an ASL lover in your first few years of learning…and KNOW you need to have a plan, consistent materials and resources that provide the full scope of sign language, rather than merely vocabulary, and a proven learning model for rapid and steady growth… the Zero to Hero membership is perfect for you.


Are you a new ASL student hoping to avoid the years of trial & error?

The Zero to Hero Membership is PERFECT for new signers in their first few years of learning ASL. Why? Because the first modules if focused on your FOUNDATION.

Without a solid foundation and strong start… our progress will be grounded before you even start.

If you’re ready to start your study LIKE A PRO… this membership is for you.


Are you ready to grow your love for ASL into a passion, strong skillset, & use it?

Growth is, oftentimes, an area where ASL learners often stall. You can have the greatest desire and loads of motivation, but if you aren’t sure how to reach your goals.. what to learn…how to build upon your foundation you won’t EVER see results.

If you’re looking to create a SIMPLE and approachable strategy without stress and overwhelm.. this membership is for you.

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Do you want more than just a limited vocabulary?

We’re all done it…You binge watch a ton of vocabulary videos… only to have none of them stick. Your brain shuts down the second anyone signs to you.

The vocabulary only approach is like reading baby picture books for your college textbooks. You might learn a bunch of signs… but will someone UNDERSTAND you signing?

If you’re ready to do more than just increase your vocabulary and learn the whole language…this membership is for you.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do I do after I first log in?

Head to the Start Here course, which will walk you through the entire set up, your first steps, and how each month will go.

+ How easy is it to cancel my membership?

Very easy. Head to your account and select the cancel subscription option and you're all set. Make sure you do it 24 hours before your next billing cycle. Due to the nature of the membership there are NO refunds.

+ What format are the courses and challenges in?

The courses are mainly in video format, with accompanying PDF workbooks, worksheets, and written assignments. The challenges are in PDF form, with limited videos. Your coursework will be completed either by signing or writing (grammar). You'll need access to a reliable device with access to the internet. You can also download the school app for on the go work.

+ Is there anything members don’t get access to?

There are 2 things you do not receive access to: Learn ASL in 31 Days and the ASL Grammar Workbook. Learn ASL in 31 Days is unnecessary because you are receiving the full beginner's course in its place. The Workbook can be purchased on Amazon.

+ Are there any live events?

There are replays of live events inside the community, but there are no new events planned at this time.

+ How does the practice partner & community function?

The community is a tool for you to use to support your practice and learning. It is not mandatory nor necessary. The community is a great place to connect, to have an incredible library of signing videos posted by fellow classmates and members. There are daily prompts within the community to enrich your learning, goal setting, and acheivements. Each month, there are practice partner prompts for you to complete. These are not with an assigned or single practice partner, but paired up each week at your discretion.

+ How long do I get access to the courses & challenges?

As a membership, you have access to the courses and challenges so long as you are a member. If you cancel your membership, you lose access. However, if you are a member for 9 months, you will have access to the courses and challenges for life and the membership fee will be waived permanently. Now THAT is an insane deal!

Go from signing zero to ASL Hero… easier than running a marathon

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Layer one engages all the courses, the videos, workbooks, assignments, and practicing to pour knowledge into your eager brain.


Layer two takes mini daily prompts and laser focus on individual ASL skills to sharpen your efforts and practice on specific areas.


Layer three takes all your efforts and targets and connects the desire, motivation into real life plans and roadmap for maximum success.

Many ASL YouTube videos teach vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary, with some calls to interact with the Deaf community sprinkled throughout…

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Why depend on vocabulary alone… when you can learn to master the big picture from the beginning? 

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here’s what you get when you join us!! 

  • Immediate access to 6 full ASL training courses with videos + downloads + and more ($1,006 value)

  • Use of 3 practice libraries with videos ($300 value)

  • Monthly challenges that support your coursework and push you to meet your goals

  • Daily practice prompts for on the go practice made quick, easy, & effective

  • Monthly practice partner prompts to erase all guessing

  • A library of resources to build a consistent, doable habit of learning & practicing

  • Replays of past live events

  • The Facebook community for support, connection, and practice

  • After 9 months of membership lifetime access to all courses and materials, and fee is waived! (save $1,045)

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 I want to take the uncertainty out of learning ASL… so you can get straight to signing with others!

HEAVEN KNOWS I know what it’s like to want to learn ASL like there’s no tomorrow and not knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and who to learn it from. Learning a new language can feel like a roller coaster ride with back to back loop-de-loops.

Something else I know? The loop-de-loops don’t HAVE to be the only way. Over the past 15+ years of teaching I’ve taken all the things I’ve learned, what I wish I knew when I was first beginning, what I wish someone had taken the time to teach me, and teacher education courses to refine my layering method.

Zero to Hero Membership is a culmination of all my courses, my challenges, extras, tools, and resources to bring all of it together. Rather than you trying to fit the random puzzle pieces together, I’ve put them all into one big picture that you receive layer by layer, step by step, and piece by piece.

You CAN learn American Sign Language. You can do it with limited time, a small budget, and all on your own.

The faster you implement a solid system, the sooner you can get out and sign within the Deaf community, with others, and open up various opportunities.

I’ll see you on the inside!