The ASL Academy: LIVE 

  • Want to learn ASL with a group of folks— LIVE?

  • Continual access to your teacher, to your fellow students?

  • Want to be conversational? Confident?

  • Want to have weekly GROUP PRACTICES?

  • Want to be able to get your questions answered?

  • Learn in a natural conversational manner?

Then The ASL Academy: LIVE is for you.

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Enrollment ends March 10th @ 10:59 pm PT

Feedback Videos

Feedback Videos Packages

clarity on your signing progress

Tired of wondering if you’re doing it right?

Can anyone understand me? That's why I created this package.

Submit your signing videos. I watch them, take copious notes, and send a video back to you, walking you through your video with step by step feedback.

It’s personal, detailed, and exactly what you need. You’ll be given your next steps and the actions you can take to improve right where you need it. No more wasting time wondering. Lots more confidence to go out and sign with others! Win win.

Zero to Hero: The Membership

From ASL zero to Signing hero

Ready to learn focused ASL vocabulary, grammar, and Deaf culture?

Need a practice system? That's why I created this sign language membership.

You’ll gain access to my 6 ASL Rochelle courses, 3 practice libraries, ASL flashcards, monthly challenges, and the ASL Rochelle Community.

Zero to Hero Membership

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