asl grammar got you down?


i help signers end the overwhelm and stop asking, "is this right!?!" 

What can I help you with?

help with practice

"I'm loving learning ASL, but I need someone to practice with. I'd also like to know what to practice." 

grasp grammar 

"I already know some ASL, but I need to get a better handle on the grammar. The syntax is killing me!"

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add pizzazz

"I'm ready to stand out, explode my skills, and stop looking like a newbie, but I need  some direction & new resources."

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Make decisions

"I want to enroll in an ASL course, but I need help figuring out which one is best for me."

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Rochelle is clear & accurate.

"I love the videos. I've been trying to teach myself ASL for years, but have yet to find a program as clear and accurate (and enjoyable) as this. :)." - Marisa

Josue Improved his signing quickly.

"Learning from you is amazing! You're so nice and make me feel like I'm in a 1-on-1 class. My signing improved really fast! I improved a lot with my fingerspelling accuracy, speed, and I'm learning something new everyday. It's only been 1 1/2 months and I feel like I've known ASL forever. Thanks to you, this has really become a passion for me." - Josué

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