ASL Goal Planner & Tracker


ASL Goal Planner & Tracker


The ASL Goal Planner & Tracker was created to help you design a personal and customized learning plan for sign language.

This workbook and printables are to be used to evaluate where you’re at right now (because you can’t plan your trip if you don’t know where you’re starting).

Take the self assessment that covers each aspect of ASL and discover what your results mean and what your next steps should be.

After you’ve evaluated where you’re at, let’s make a plan based on your desires and goals and lifestyle. We create an effective, easy plan and then we execute that lovely plan.

As you take action on your plan, use the printables to track your progress, evaluate how you’re doing, and make adjustments and new action steps based on how you’re doing.

Now you can sit down for your practice time and know exactly what to work on to reach your goals. No more spinning your wheels, watching the same 5 videos, practicing the same skill over and over again because it’s all you can think of and it’s easiest.

The workbook includes:

  • 64-page planner and tracker

  • Printable pages to use over and over again for years to come

  • Self assessment test (text & video)

  • Fillable planner & tracker to use digitally, instead of printing

This is a digital file only, nothing will be shipped. You can see a list of my favorite course supplies in this post.

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