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Need An Awesome New Family Game? Introducing: Escape

We are a family that plays games. What isn't better than busting out a board game, gathering around, snacking, talking, laughing, and plotting the demise of your opponents?

Not much.

Need An Awesome New Family Game? Escape is a game that even non-game lovers can love. Click to see it in action and what it's all about.


Mr. Barlow is on his way to having his own big time collection. He's got about 50 games right now, and apparently, according to him, this isn't a lot.

We're not talking Uno and Monopoly. We're talking REAL board games.


The Captain is following in his father's footsteps. He's got 5 or 6 serious board games in his collection.

I collect books... and hobbies.


The Captain received this game for his 9th birthday.

Escape, The Curse of the Temple

Need An Awesome New Family Game? Escape is a game that even non-game lovers can love. Click to see it in action and what it's all about.


Object of the Game

You are in an archeological dig (think Indiana Jones) and you have to escape, get out, of the temple before it collapses on you.

This is a cooperative game. If one person doesn’t escape in time, everyone loses.

The fun part? There’s a soundtrack that you play along with that keeps time for you and prompts you to certain actions. There’s an introduction track to let you know how to play, along with examples of the sounds that signal specific actions.

It is playable without the soundtrack. There is an inclosed timer for your use.

This game is 10 minutes long. It’s short, but there is never a moment where everyone isn’t doing something. It can get intense! I love that it’s so short because you can easily set up it, play, and put it away and you’ve only used up 15 minutes. It’s a great game to use for a break, or when you’re short on time for a long activity.

Most of the time, the game is so addicting you wind up playing several rounds of the game. It’s like a chip. You can’t just have one, right?

Who is this game for?

Our 7 year old daughter plays Escape without any trouble. We just taught our 6-year-old (the older 2 kids did, actually) and, surprisingly, he did pretty great on his first game. He did need to be told what to do and when, but after a few times through he'll do amazing on his own.

We brought this game over to a friends house and my eldest son was sitting around the table playing with 3 girls aged 10 - 14. They were laughing, sweating, and did not want to stop. They kept at it for over two hours and were begging for us to come back over with the game the next day.

He was in heaven.


We’ve played Escape with adults, ranging in ages of 19 - 53. Everyone loved it and wanted to keep playing.

I’m just saying. It’s a good game.

We’ve created a fun video for you so you can see how awesome the game really is. We won’t show the whole 10 minutes of play, but some good parts of the action!

Get excited!!

This is when you tell me how adorable my kiddos are. I'll wait. ;-)

If you have a local game shop, I'd head over there to grab it. We have a fantastic store 15 minutes away from us that we frequent.

Otherwise, I'd snag it here: Escape (aff)


As you may have gathered, we have a ton of board games. We'll be sharing our favorites and our new finds with you regularly.


Go and get Escape, you will not regret it, I promise. Come back and gush all over the comments telling me how much you love the game.



aff = affiliate link. I get a small reward if you purchase this game through this link. It does not change the price you pay at all. Just keeps me in pencils.