Our 2014 - 2015 Curriculum Picks

Back to school is much more renewing to me than New Years will ever be.  

It's a time of new beginnings, renewed motivation, along with the opportunity to learn, explore, and discover.

But let's be honest, who doesn't love the smell thrill of new school supplies?!


The best part of being a homeschooler is when the UPS man comes to your door day after day with boxes of curriculum. It's like Christmas time. The kids get just as excited about it as I do.


We have a lot of fun stuff planned this year. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also pretty nervous about it, to be honest.


We have a lot going on in our regular life already. I have 3 different jobs and a new baby.

I'll spare you my pity party for today. Just for today.


2014-15 Curriculum Picks


I'll start in birth order by first listing their separate work and then put what they'll do all together at the bottom.


The Captain

The Captain - 3rd Grade

*No, that's not his real name. I refer to my children with their "online names" for privacy and protection. There's too many creepers out there. *


Little MIss

Little Miss - 1st/2nd Grade

I always say she's 1st/2nd grade because through the charter school we do school through she's technically 1st grade. She does everything 2nd grade, except reading. Actually her math right now is finishing up 1st grade and then moving on to 2nd grade.



The Animal

The Animal - Kindergarten

I can see him breezing through his math. We're doing Kindergarten low-key. That's how I roll.



Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks - Tot School

I'm not a huge believer in doing preschool. There's nothing wrong with it, but I don't stress over it. My children learn naturally on their own with the things we do and from watching their older siblings. I will have things for her to do though, to keep her busy and feeling like a big kid.


  • Busy Bag/Box items
  • Dry erase board and dry erase pencils
  • Dollar spot color packs and school stuff from Target
  • Coloring books - the girl loves to color
  • Legos - she builds with Legos all day long
  • Counting
  • Letter of the Week - whenever we feel like it
  • Give her mini jobs
  • Naps!


Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear - Babyhood

He's just going to spend his time eating, sleeping, pooping, and spitting up. He'll get lots of snuggle time in. I've got a ring sling he'll spend a lot of time in.

Combined Subjects

KONOS - Volume II.

Konos is a unit study based curriculum. It covers history, science, writing, reading, character study, scripture study, art, geography, and on and on. I'm going to use their co-op this year to get used to it and have an extra layer of help and direction. Plus, it'll help me to remain accountable.

I love that it covers Kindergarten - 8th grade. I plan on going more into Konos in a later post.





Piano - Jon Schmidt Primer -- This is for The Captain and Little Miss. If you've heard of Piano Guys, this is their method and music to teaching piano!

Drums - Riff Academy -- I just found this online music academy. You can learn guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard for a monthly subscription. The Captain and The Animal both want to learn the drums. I may want to die. We won't be starting drums right away. We need to save up some money for a stinking drum set. I remember my cousin had a practice pad of some sort when he was younger and he used that. I thought about that, but wasn't sure if it'd be too different from learning on a real set of drums. I'll have to talk to Riff Academy for their thoughts. Do y'all know of any good options?

Other instruments -- My kids all want to play the piano and one other instrument. I think though, that for this year we'll start just on piano. TC may start drums in the spring. After that I'll see how we're doing before I add anymore in.



Family Time Fitness

TC - He's still trying to decide between Gymnastics, Swimming (prep for swim team), and Martial Arts. He will do Basketball once the season starts up in January

LM - Gymnastics. She wants to dance as well. We may put her in Jazz or in Ballet. For now she wants gymnastics more.

TA - Gymnastics and soccer in the spring. Animal is our natural athlete. The kid can do anything. He probably runs faster than I can. It's hard to pick a sport for him.


Writing Project

I've got a fun writing project idea that I am setting up right now. I'll have a whole post about it for ya!


Adult Skills Class

I'm making a whole course up for my kids to develop adult life skills. I'll have a post about it for you as well!



Each week I'll have a poem, quote, or scripture verse for the kids to memorize. We'll work on it in the morning when we go over the calendar. Nothing too flashy, just a bit to get them to learn good things and to work those brain cells.

I know KONOS has some memorization stuff as well.


Video Project

Each of my 3 oldest kids get to pick a special thing they want to learn this year. LM wanted art. TC wants to make his own movies and videos. TA hasn't decided yet. I'll be working with TC to make videos of all sorts. Video book reports, video presentations, tutorials, acting out stories, and showing off the new skills he's learning. He's going to die of excitement and it's gonna be awesome.  I'll give more updates on how that all goes down.



Gotta learn a foreign language right!? Why not learn one your parent is fluent in?

I've taught them ASL over the years and they each knew it as a baby. This year I'll be doing a more focused learning and using my own curriculum. I'll share our journey with y'all!



That's it!


That's it, right!? You see what I mean!?


On top of all this TC is in Cub Scouts this year and I always said I'd put LM in Girl Scouts (or a similar group). I may have to have her wait a year. We are in a homeschool club this year. I'm super excited about it. They do co-ops, clubs, field trips, and parties. Plus, our charter school has campus classes the kids could go to and holiday parties.


It's going to be hecka busy. But hecka fun!!!


Tomorrow I'll be going over how to schedule all this stuff so you don't rip your head off screaming.


What are y'all doing this year?

♥ Rochelle