Avoid Homeschool Overwhelm -- Guest Post

Don't know if you remember, but I homeschool my kiddos.  I'm crazy like that.  

Over at Christian Homeschool Moms Demetria is doing a whole series for brand new homeschoolers. How to schedule, pick your method, your curriculum, obey the laws in your state, and get organized.  She has graciously allowed me to do a guest post as well.


When you're first starting out in homeschooling it can be overwhelming.  There's so many methods, so many curriculum choices, and so many things to consider.  For me it's thrilling and fun and exciting.  Then after about two weeks of researching my mind begins to go numb and I can be paralyzed with too many choices.  I've written the post to help others just starting out avoid the overwhelm and enjoy setting up their homeschool.


Head on over to check it out ---->  Avoid Homeschool Overwhelm


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