ASL receptive practice video

Welcome to the ASL Receptive Practice Video! Here's your chance to try out your new skill. 

Remember, you're looking at the neck area. Don't stare AT the neck or people will think you're crazy... or just slightly awkward. Either way, you'll probably miss what they're signing if you're busy studying their Adam's apple. 

Step back, figuratively and/or literally and include the neck area. You're relaxing your eyes and taking in the whole signing area, including their face, but your concentration is focused on the neck. 

Move your eyes to the areas that are important at regular intervals. 

Make sure you see the face, the fingerspelling, the body language, and the mouth-- these are all essential parts of ASL, and are not to be excluded when signing and when someone is signing to you. 

Good luck! 

Let me know how you did! 

You can find me on Snapchat (@rochellebarlow), in The ASL Club (Facebook practice group), or hit reply to any email I've sent you. 


Once you get the hang of it, we're not aiming for perfection on the first day, try this method out on other videos. You can find some from me here:  or you can find any video of someone signing at your other favorite signing resources. 

If you want the Gloss to the video you can click the pink button and download the PDF of the glossing. Just make sure you've watched the video at least once through before you download and look at the answers.