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 My ASL Quick Start Course…

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Hi, I’m Rochelle,

and I’m just a smidge obsessed with sign language… Okay maybe a little more than a smidge! I’ve been signing, interpreting, and teaching sign language for as long as I can remember… (30, 19, and 16 years respectively). It’s been a lifetime adventure, one I treasure and am still on to this day.

Since I love to help others learn sign language, get conversational, and get started right away, I created my ASL Quick Start Course so that people can be confident as they begin to fulfill their lifelong dream of signing for reals.

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I think many of us love the idea of knowing sign language, but actually making it happen can be another story!

Life gets busy, we feel overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do, or maybe we just don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason, when we keep putting off the learning process, our dreams continues to be pushed further and further down, causing more regret and frustration.


But what if you could follow a tried-and-true process to help you pull the trigger to learning ASL & help you to master the most important foundational skills all at one time?


My ASL Quick Start Course can help with that! This short, easy-to-follow course walks you step-by-step through a very streamlined learning process, helping you to start signing in a small amount of time. Along the way, the course will answer frequently asked questions like,

“how do i put the signs together in the right order?”

“Which hand am i supposed to sign with?”

“What am i supposed to do with my face? I heard facial expressions are important…”

“what signs should I learn first and how do i remember them and sign them correctly?”

“how do i understand others when they sign to me!?”

“What is the best way to approach learning ASL?”

Sometimes you just need a solid plan, a guide to tell you exactly what to do to learn ASL most effectively, and that is just what you get with The ASL Quick Start Course.


 Along with The ASL Quick Start Course, you’ll get a pretty printable (and digitally fillable) workbook that will help walk you through the process and keep all of your learning organized. Also included are handy reference charts to keep nearby to refresh your memory as you continue to practice and learn.


 And today only, because we want to welcome you as one of our VIPs, you can get all of these incredible resources, which would normally totally $29, for just $7 total!

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You' will have access to this digital product immediately after checkout so you can get signing ASAP. No waiting around for a local community class to start up.

You will only see this page one time, so be sure to snag your quick start course today!

Hi Rochelle! I just want to say thank you, your course is amazing. My name is Alie, I’m Mexican and I’m obsessed with learning new languages so when I came across your online course I decided to take it and it’s absolutely amazing! I recently started teaching also my 6 year old son to sign, we both watch your course together and he’s happy to learn, and of course that makes me happier because thanks to you I can give this amazing opportunity to my boy of learning ASL. Have a great day!
— Alie C
First of all, I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of effort you have put into your course. I have wanted to learn ASL for years, but always felt like money was a barrier. I have several books, but like you said, books can be “old school” and aren’t always very well explained. (Like M and N in fingerspelling! I’ve been hanging my fingers all the way down for as long as I’ve known the alphabet.) I feel like I have learned so much, and I have barely started the course material ! Once I have gone through all of that, I am seriously considering your other online course, as it’s very very reasonably priced. Thank you so much.
— Trystan L

Why The ASL Quick Start Course?

I created my ASL Quick Start Course because I like instant gratification. I like knowing exactly what to do, what to learn, and starting out on the right foot.

By doing the ASL Quick Start Course my students have been able to…

  • Start signing right away instead of spending all of their limited time scouring YouTube for good ASL videos.

  • Avoid that sinking feeling of paralyzing overwhelm because you have no clue where to start and how to start.

  • Use the new energy and excitement from completing the course to stay motivated and focused to reach the next level of signing.

  • Feel confident and capable with their signing and realize that their goal IS achievable, they DO have what it takes to be a conversational signer.

I have to say, that last one is my favorite to see. I LOVE when my students suddenly realize, oh man “I LOVE signing and even better, I CAN DO IT!” It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

 If you’re ready to experience the excitement that actually being able to sign can bring, be sure to snag up your Quick Start Course using our one time offer today!

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I can’t wait to see your end results once you complete our easy-to-follow course!

Happy Signing!

MWAH 😘, Rochelle

You will only see this page one time, so be sure to snag your ASL Quick Start course today.

There is so much helpful information! Your printables are priceless.
— Amy G
Thank you for doing this. I’m actually really deaf like 100% deaf but I got a cochlear implant when I was 12 months old and they wouldn’t teach me ASL because they was worried I never talk so I was forced to talk. Well now I do sports and work or chores which I sweat a lot in to where it breaks my cochlear implant. Like right now it’s broke and I can’t hear for a week or two (hopefully) and I have color guard this week so I have to practice without hearing And I wish I learn asl so I could have an interpreter that will help me practice and tell me what they say and stuff. Your ASL courses are helping me a LOT and it’s also letting me to communicate with people who are like me but actually knows ASL lol. Anyway thank you!!
— Kaylee B
Thank you! I am in my 4th attempt to learn ASL. I never made it past a Preschool level but now, I am conversing with deaf adults, going to a deaf church and taking more of your classes.

Thank you for this! It is the most helpful thing I’ve seen over 30 yrs and I have shared your site with my friends. Thanks again!!!
— Tara