She's signing ASL sentences like a natural and you're banging your head against the desk

Want to sign a sentence without second-guessing the sign order? 


Want to practice without apologizing every minute because you messed up your sentence again?


Want to blow everyone's mind with your ninja grammar skills


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5 Day ASL Grammar Challenge: Conquer the Beastly ASL Sentence

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I'm Rochelle! 

I started learning ASL when I was a wee lass. 

Guess what? 

ASL grammar didn't come easy to me.

I almost gave up after one man epically criticized me in front of everyone at the local Deaf event. Instead of crying every night in my pillow (okay, after ONE night of crying), I hitched up my Ninja Turtle britches and I focused all my attention on grammar. 3 months later... that same man ate his words, er... signs. AND instead, he bragged about my THINK ASL, my grammar, to all his friends. Oh yeah. 

It felt


What you'll learn in this FREE challenge: 

  • How to correctly identify all the moving parts of a sentence so that each sentence you sign has all the right information and goodness in it.
  • How to use the parts of a sentence to craft the perfect, clearest, and of course, the wittiest ASL sentence ever signed.
  • How to spot bad grammar so that you can avoid mistakes and embarrassing confusion.
  • How to take basic sentences to crazy, run-on sentence heaven (but still make complete sense) because who just says STORE I GO all day long? Only 2-year-olds.