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 But first!

Take a quick gander at the FAQ’s below to make sure that you don’t have a question that’s answered already.

Can I get some feedback with my ASL assignment that my teacher gave me? Can you translate this passage for me? can you tell me if i’m signing this song right?

Unfortunately, no. I do love giving personalized feedback and advice, but unfortunately due to the amount of emails and feedback requests that I receive, I don’t have time.

For the most personalized attention from me, you can join my course or membership. These come with private Facebook groups just for students where I’m able to offer my students personalized attention and feedback.

Do you accept guest posts?

No, I do not. Thanks for the offer.

Are you interested in coming to our area and running a workshop or speaking at our event?

I’d love to. Reach out to me with the details and we’ll be in touch.

Where do I login for my courses?

Head to this page and to make it even easier, you can bookmark the page. Bonus hint: at the very bottom of there’s a link labeled “course login” that you can use should you ever forget where to go.

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