ASL Rochelle Community Rules and Guidelines

Hey beautiful #ASLRochelleTeam !

We are so thankful to have you take part in our incredible community. As we grow, we want to ensure that this group remains a safe place where we can come together to share our successes, struggles, tips, experiences, assignments, feedback, and most importantly, support for one another.

We are driven to maintain the supportive environment that we have created and to continue to provide valuable, informative content for our members, which is why we’ve created this comprehensive set of rules and guidelines for conduct within our community – and why we enforce and stick to them!!

Before making any posts, please review this document. We encourage discussions that help inspire and motivate others in relation to ASL and Deaf culture, but need to ensure you STAY POSITIVE and STAY ON TOPIC.

By being part of either of our online communities, you agree to the following:



1. Be helpful

2. Use the search bar

3. Report posts to admins

4. Utilize our group hashtags

5. Bump posts

6. Post relevant photos

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and celebrate your wins!

1. No off-topic posts or comments

2. No self-promotion

3. No promotion of outside groups

4. No advertising

5. No soliciting

6. No requesting DMs from others

7. No bullying or shaming others

8. No DMing admins

9. No memes or viral videos

10. No Deafspo posts

If you don’t agree with all of these, kindly remove yourself from the group. Other than that, let’s have some fun!


1. No off-topic posts or comments: All posts MUST be ASL-focused, and all comments on posts should remain relevant to the posted discussion.

  • Comments not pertaining to this original post (e.g. “I’m just here for the comments”) will be removed without warning.

  • Sexual comments are unacceptable.

  • If you are unsure whether your comment falls in the realm of “ASL related”, you can reach out to our admins by emailing for pre-approval.

  • We do not permit discussions about political or religious views.

  • Discussions about ASL choices as it relates to ASL, PSE, or SEE preferences are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you’re being turd-y and pushing your beliefs on others in a way we deem inappropriate, both you AND your comments will be removed. Be nice. Be understanding. Or be gone.

2. No self-promotion: Unless shared on the appropriate day in our #ASLRSHARE thread or where otherwise clearly stated, we do not permit this. Be sure to check out these threads to share your social profiles and help support one another. Self-promotion is defined as:

  • Posting links to your own websites or social profiles (e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube channels, blogs, websites).

  • Posting affiliate links.

  • Promoting your own ASL classes or events.

  • Promoting recent purchases without a detailed description or review about why the product changed your sign language-loving life. We’re excited you bought something you love, but this isn’t the place for pictures of your new dictionary.

  • Posting sales-y content – including links to personal surveys, requesting votes, posting photos with your social handles, URLs, or business names embedded, or posting any kind of “free” offers.

  • Posting blog content or posts that are the length of a blog post, even without an accompanying link. No one likes endless scrolling.

3. No promotion of outside groups: ASLRochelle does not allow promotion of outside groups, whether originated on Facebook or in-person (including non-ASLR hosted meet-ups). These are not to be advertised or discussed within our communities.

4. No advertising: This means NO SELLING ANYTHING – whether your own products, services, courses, events, programs, and etc. This also means no selling your old ASL resources (even if you “bought a duplicate and never used it”).

5. No soliciting: What even IS soliciting?! This is when you ask for or try to obtain something from someone else – whether donations for a cause, votes for a competition of any sort, or polling members about any topics, ASL related or not. Save these posts for your personal profiles.

6. No requests for private or direct messages from other members: Do not post in the group asking others to privately message you for more information about your plan, what you can offer, how you can help, and etc. Even if done with the right intentions, we consider this being sales-y, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for this. Your posts (and you) will be removed.

7. No bullying or shaming others: NO SECOND CHANCES with this one. Didn’t your mama teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Well, we’re teaching you now. Be polite. Don’t be a turd. If you bully, attack, escalate a situation, or disrespect another member, we’ll ban you. Don’t make us ban you.

8. No private or direct messaging admins: If you have a question about these rules or why your post was deleted, or a sign language  related question you’re not comfortable asking in the group, email us at Admins do not regularly check private messages and will not open Facebook message requests from names they do not recognize. This includes reaching out directly to Rochelle.

9. No posting memes or viral videos: For realz. We’re doing our best to keep this community valuable, informative, and educational. If you’ve seen the meme, so have we. We promise. That’s what viral means. Any content we feel is not providing value to our community will be deleted, and repeat offenders removed. Please save these posts for your personal pages.

10. No Deafspo posts: Our group is NOT a mood board… that’s what Pinterest is for! While we appreciate the hard work these individuals have put in, we ask that you do not post photos/videos of people you aspire to sign like unless you’re asking a question about a targeted skill or “trouble area”.

11. Livestreams, in the PAID course community are allowed with the following guidelines:

They must be you signing and completing an assignment. No talking just because, no hopping on to ask a question-- unless it’s accompanied with your assignment. Don’t just sign random things-- make sure it’s in conjunction with a task, challenge, assignment, or prompt. We are all at different levels of signing, however, do your best to sign in your videos, and provide a written “transcript” of what you signed or spoke. If it’s just not feasible for you to sign, or it’s a sign here and a spoken sentence there, that’s perfectly acceptable. Use the livestreams to complete assignments, work together in groups on assignments, introduce yourself, and for challenges issued in the community.

12. Livestreams in the FREE community are NOT allowed by anyone other than Rochelle, admins, and ambassadors.


If your post goes against any of the above rules, it will be removed without warning. If your post is deemed inappropriate, you may be removed and blocked from our community without warning.

Posts may be removed, comments turned off, or admins may contribute to the conversation as a reminder of the rules at any time.

All posts are subject to the discretion of the ASLRochelle moderating team, whose names can be found listed in the group description box in the right navigation bar. Feel free to tag us in any posts, comments, or questions you may have.

And remember, Rochelle is allowed to break any of the above rules in any instance she feels it is valuable or of service to the group... WITHOUT QUESTION. Her team, her rules.




1. Be helpful: Provide genuine and helpful feedback to others. If you’re not sure what to say, think of what you’d want to hear if you posed a similar question. You don’t always need to have an answer to offer encouragement. When replying:

  • Ask questions to help better understand

  • Give honest, informative answers

  • Share your personal experiences

Remember, this is a two way street. The more support you give, the more you get.

2. Use the search bar: We can’t stress this enough… Please take a moment to USE THE SEARCH BAR before you post! Repeated posts will have comments turned off by a member of the moderating team. We don’t like having to turn comments off. Please don’t make us do this.

3. Report posts to admins: If you find posts that break any of the above guidelines, click the small drop down menu in the top-right corner of the post and select “Report to Admin”. You will remain anonymous. Our admin team reviews reported posts daily.

4. Utilize our group hashtags: We have a set group of hashtags we use to make posting and locating posts easier within our groups. These are rotated weekly (in our free community) or bi-weekly (in our paid community) so that we can continue to keep relevant information recent.

5. Bump posts: This is a technique to support a topic within a post. “Bump” stands for “Bring Up My Post”. If you are interested in getting more answers to a posted question or topic, we advise you to comment “Following” or “F” to both bump the post and turn on your notifications for future comments within that post. New Facebook analytic features will also notify us on popular posts, which Rochelle may be able to develop further content around.

6. Post relevant photos: Posts that have a photo/video with their questions get more attention – it’s that simple! Remember to keep the photos on topic. We hate deleting things.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES! This is totes self-explanatory. We want to help you celebrate you!!   

If you aren’t already part of our paid community and are interested in more information, ASL Rochelle Courses or email us at with your questions.

Our courses are now open for registration, and we’d love to have you onboard to help you achieve the sign language skills of your dreams!

Wishing you love and ASL skill gains,