Why Do You Want To Learn ASL?

You've heard me say it and seen me sign it.

ASL is THE best language ever.

There's a multitude of reasons that I won't get into today. Oh yes, you'll get them all soon enough!


I reached out to my awesome ASL Practice Group Members last week to ask them a few questions. They're amazing like that.

In our group there are so many different people.

Different ages, different lifestyles, different genders, hearing status, different sign language skill levels, and different reasons for why.

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Why do YOU want to learn ASL?

I love the language and I would like to communicate fluently with others using this language and possibly become an interpreter.
I’m learning ASL with my hubby. We are doing it together and want our boys to learn. We want to be able to sign songs at church :)
I have always wanted to learn asl it’s a beautiful language especially when a person who knows it tells stories. It makes it more interesting.
I work with a hard of hearing student. He will probably need to use ASL as his main form of communication.
I want to learn ASL for numberous reasons. It has fascinated me since I was little, it is one of the key points in Deaf culture, which I enjoy learning about, and I want to incorrporate ASL into my future and possibly my career.
A love for language in all forms.
Because it’s a beautiful language! I really have no practical reason. I hope to be able to use it someday.
I also like signing with hearing children as it helps to incorporate their developing motor skills and validates them as communicators far before they are able to verbally express themselves. I have found it very useful in delaying or preventing the terrible two’s and three’s. I have also found it very useful in crowded and busy situations, like the playground. I don’t have to shout to be understood or continue to run after little ones to ask them a question. I’ve successfully signed with quite a few hearing children and they love knowing that they are “”heard”
I want to be able to connect with people who can’t hear. First I have to find some people, lol but at least when I do I’ll be able to communicate with them.
I have a 2-year-old daughter with a speech delay because of a seizure disorder.
I would love to be able to foster or adopt a Deaf child.
I love language! I work in Emergency Management in the scope of Human Services/Disaster Recovery, so I’d love to be able to better service the deaf and hard of hearing community when opportunities arise!
Want to be able to communicate with the deaf ones in our congregation.
I’m autistic and think in pictures learning a spoken language has proven very difficult.
ASL is a beautiful language and every since my team mates and I did a song for the talent show in 7th grade in ASL I have always wanted to learn more.
I have always been fascinated by ASL and I love learning new languages. I hope to some day be able to meet a deaf or hard of hearing person and be able to comunicate easily.
I’ve always had an interest and one of my old friends is part of the Deaf community. I’d love to be able to communicate with her better and not have to bring her mom with us everywhere so she can interpret.
Always wanted to learn, my boys want to learn too
I’ve had a disease called “Meniere’s” for over 25 years and it is slowly destroying my hearing.  I also have very loud constant roaring in my ears which also makes it hard to hear, this is different tones and loudness each day.  Some days are pretty calm so I really take advantage of those days.  I started wearing double hearing aids in 2005 when the disease spread to my good ear as well.  I started learning ASL...
I want to learn ASL because I want to learn something new and this really interested me.

Why did I learn ASL?

As a young girl, I have no idea how young, but around the time when you first start making memories, my Mama and Grandmama read me Koko's Kitten.

Koko is the gorilla that was taught sign language. It is the sweetest story. To this day, I follow Koko and what she's up to.

As silly as it may sound, this gorilla inspired my fascination and love of sign language. As I grew older, my reasons grew.

I read every book I could on Helen Keller. I can still remember my favorite copy of her biography that had letters in braille on the back cover.

I knew ASL was something that had to be in my life and I would use for the rest of my days.

Here are a few of my reasons:

  • Fascinating Language
  • Inspiring history
  • Inspiring culture
  • Beautiful and expressive
  • I love the Deaf Community
  • Desire to communicate with people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Wish to bring this language to others
  • An internal drive and need to learn and use it
  • It just feels like Home

Why do YOU want to learn ASL?

Please share with us.

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