Top 10 ASL Signs You Should Know (with video)

sign it up You want to learn American Sign Language (ASL)?


Where do you begin?  What do you learn first?


I've got just the answer for you!


Whew.  You can relax now.


I've got a video for you of the top 10 signs you need to know to have some sort of a conversation with a person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing (and uses sign).


What are the 10 signs?

Turn the captions on: click on the black box in the video player with "cc" and click "English" and they should pop up!  They are designed to come up when you hit play, but you know technology...

There is no audio in the video, so your speakers are not broken and you can play it at work!

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Now what?

Okay, now that you know the 10 signs what do you do with them?  You can't just sign them willy-nilly and expect good things!  You've got to practice them and use them correctly!  I've created a practice sheet for you that includes some possible sentences and the correct word order for the signs.


You can't just throw the signs around and hope for the best.  You gotta practice to make sure you're doing it right.


Stand in front of a mirror when you sign to see what you're doing.  You may think you're doing it one way and then see you may be doing it wrong!


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Looking forward

As I promised in the video I will have another video for you next week of 10 more very important signs for you.


Your Turn

Do you want to learn ASL? What sign do you want to learn?  Is there a sign in this video you're struggling with?



Wait!! Don't forget to download your practice sheet!  It's free, of course!

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