The Shocking Truth About ASL in GIFs

Has someone asked you a question before and you just wanted to smack them?

I know I have.

Does this make me a bad person?  Perhaps.  I'm not too worried about it.

Let me give you a sampling of eye-crossing questions I've been asked throughout the years about ASL.

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How do you say hello in ASL?

How do you say goodbye in ASL?

There's lots of ways...

Can you read braille?

Braille?  Um...

All monkeys know ASL

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I was just at the Portland Zoo a few weeks back and I seriously overheard a woman telling her friend that all monkeys know ASL.

Say what!?

Her friend was like

Then the first lady said, "see, let me show you"

The monkey was like 

The friend was like "OMG What did he just say?"

I was like

But maybe I'm wrong.  These two animals seem to already know how to sign.

Why are Deaf people so loud?

What do you mean so loud?  You mean you can hear them when they sign?  I hear you when you talk.  Same thing.

Oh, you mean they stomp around and slam cabinets and slurp?  Well, they don't do that.  Well, I guess some Deaf do. I've only seen it in their homes or if they were kids.  I can say the same with hearing people.  Take my family: we're super loud.

They can't always tell how loud something is.  You can only tell your volume by the strength of the vibrations in your throat.

Can Deaf people talk on the phone?

It depends on what you mean by talk.

If they can voice they can technically talk.  If their hearing loss is minor, they might be able to. Hearing aids don't work too well with electronics sometimes.

There is TTY -- it was texting before texting was cool.  You'd say GA (go ahead) when you were done typing to indicate it was the other person's turn.  You can't interrupt on a TTY because it'll just give you garbledy-goop.  The TTY is outdated.  You can just text.

Now there's VRS.  Wahoo. VRS = Video Relay Service.



I covered lots more ridiculousness in the post 13 Things to Never Say to a Deaf Person .

Otherwise you might find me behind you.

with a smidge of mocking

and snickering.

Some people's kids.

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When you are asked ridiculous questions how do you respond?


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