The First 100 Signs You Need to Know

The first 100 signs everyone should know when learning ASL. Build a solid foundation as you learn sign language and it'll pay off later.

I love checklists.

I love being able to cross off items on my lists.

I'll write something down, that I've already completed, just so I can cross it off. It just feels good.

It feels right.

Soda splashes on the list

I receive hundreds of emails every day, quite a few of them asking for some type of list of signs that must be known so they can be mightily successful with their ASL.

I put it off for months until I could set aside research time at my local library. There's just something special about time in the library all on your own.

I've compiled this list based on language learning research done that day in the library. I sat at the only available table next to some tacky guy slurping his drink, sitting next to the sign that says "no drinks allowed."

Learn Ocean Signs: Signs, Sentences, & Worksheets

You can't study the ocean without learning ocean signs! At least, not in our home. Learn sign language for the ocean, including the actual ocean, the sea life within the ocean, and some descriptive words for discussing the ocean.

How many times can I say the word ocean?! Ha ha. #NoThesaurus

[Guest Post] Easter Signs: The Easy Way to Make Your Easter Awesome

I am so excited to share TWO new videos with y'all this week. I've got two Easter videos just for you.

Even more, I'm excited to share them over at iHomeschool Network.

If you've never heard of them, I suggest you click over, check out my new ASL Easter videos and then take some time to check out all the amazingness that is iHN. You'll find so many fantastic women to learn from and follow.

ASL Grammar Without Frustration Part Three

You've made it to part three! Wahoo!

Did you miss ASL Grammar Part One? Go check it out as well. You get a free download.

Did you miss ASL Grammar Part Two? Don't skip it! You also get a free download for you to practice with.

In Part One we went over why you need to know ASL grammar and why not to put it off so late. We also went over Facial Expressions and the role they play in ASL grammar.

In Part Two we went over Body Language, then we combined Facial Expressions and Body Language to use in a specific form of ASL grammar.

Now in Part Three, we'll be going over some new things -- don't want to give away the surprise before the video starts -- that cover grammar and the ASL model.

ASL Grammar Without The Frustration Part Two

You've been biting your nails, anticipating part two in the ASL grammar series.

Well, put your hand down, get the bandaids out, and get to watching.

I say it in this video and in part one -- Did you miss Part One? Well, go on ahead and watch it so you're not behind. This video will be here when you get back. -- knowing sign language is so much more than just knowing the signs, knowing your vocabulary. It's just a fraction.

Obviously, it's important, there's just so much more to sign language than your favorite Sign Language dictionary.

Don't despair! It's not going to be crazy difficult.

Last time we talked about facial expression and its importance in ASL is not just with looking lively, but is actually part of ASL grammar.