7 Habits of Wildly Successful Sign Language Learners

I have lots of habits.

Unfortunately for me, my kids like to mimic just the bad ones.

My middle son, Animal, was at his grandparent’s house one day.

A group of us are lounging on the couch chatting away with spaghetti simmering on the stove in the kitchen behind us.

Animal stomps down the stairs, bursts into the living room and shouts, “what the hell is that smell!?”

Of course, I’m too immature to not laugh and parent my child. Mr. Barlow to the rescue.

Saying hell is obviously a bad habit of mine.

I know you may think that’s a silly bad habit, but we were raised to not swear and teach our children the same.

Except, well… I had a 2 year span when I was 17-19 that I swore like a sailor because I was an idiot. Sometimes it just comes out without me realizing it, even after all these years. Thus, my penchant for saying hell.

My defense… it’s not really a swear word.

Before my tendancy to over share explodes from my fingers, I’ll move on to the postive part.

We may have bad habits, but we also have good habits, so don’t despair. All is not lost.

So You Think You Know Sign Language: Take The Test

To continue to learn sign language, you need to evaluate where you are. Take the test, & get the free download to tailor make a learning plan for you.

I’ve been thinking...

Dangerous, I know.

I've been thinking about my 6 kids and what I want for them. In the hyper-cricital way we parents excel at.

It's more of a pity-party, mega-drama-queen-slasher type of evaluation of me as a mother.

I fail miserably every time. I think only serial killers score lower.

Whew. I'm a bit better than a serial killer. Goals reached!

In an attempt to shake myself out of this downward spiral of misery and woe, I decided it was time to knock it off and be real.

I looked at where I was now with each of my children. What had they learned? What progress was being made and in which areas?

How to Learn ASL & Spanish in 20 Minutes a Day

This year we're learning two foreign languages! That's right, we're Super Homeschoolers.

Bow down to us.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Nah, we're not anything crazy gifted. We are learning Spanish and ASL though, and if we can learn 2, you could totally learn 4 languages at once.

Exciting ASL News for You #SignItUp

fangirlgif I have some fun news for y'all!


It's about ASL... and me... and you.


Can you guess?


Probably not.  Okay, I'll tell!


Click the CC button to enable captions.  If you are viewing on a tablet or phone here is the URL to watch it on YouTube Watch on YouTube

 ^^ Captions!! Turn the captions on!! ^^

Isn't that exciting?  I know, it is!


learn asl in 31 days


Set your calendars!  Starting October 1st there will be a new ASL lesson for you every stinkin' day!


If you're not familiar with my style here are two of my previous videos you can check out.


Top 10 ASL Signs You Should Know

Top 10 (More) ASL Signs You Should Know


I not only show you the sign, but will make sure you see exactly how to sign it and some variations of using that sign.  In my second video I show you the sign for understand. I give 4 variations.



  1. Understand
  2. I don't understand
  3. Do you understand?
  4. Yes, I understand


The fun part is you learn one sign, but by changing your facial expressions you can express four different things. Pretty sweet huh?


I think so.


Another thing you'll notice is I do not use my voice. Now, there may be a video here and there that will require that I use my voice, but when I'm teaching it won't be "on."  You may have a hard time with that, and I get it, but it's really the best way to learn ASL. It's a way to immerse yourself.


I also won't be putting music to it because that could be distracting.  Plus, you may miss out on all the lovely sounds I make (har har) when I sign or the children on the other side of the door.  You wouldn't want that, now would you?


I didn't think so.

You're welcome.


I will include practice sheets for the lessons as well.  You've got to know how to put the signs together to actually make sentences.  You can't just throw some signs around and call it good.


It's going to be fun and simple!  There will be no sweating or worrying!  There's no grade at the end, unless you want one.


Use #SignItUp to connect with me and others that are signing along.  You can ask questions, make comments, let everyone know you're watching or practicing or anything else you'd like to say.


sign it up


You can connect with me here, on Twitter, Facebook,  Google +, and YouTube. I am here for you!


Are you as excited as I am?


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