Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 4:: Places

Welcome to the fourth day of learning ASL. You're going to be learning signs for different places.  

Learn ASL in 31 Days | Day 4 Places


Yesterday's lesson was a smidge on the longer side with lots and lots of signs.  Don't let that stop you from heading over there and watching!  It's not bad, really!


Today's is about places and it's much shorter.  Just 3 minutes total!


Now, the beauty of these lessons is you can do them at your own pace.  If you are struggling with some signs, go back over them. Let me know which ones you're having a hard time with and I'd love to help!

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Turn on the captions!!  If you are viewing on a tablet or phone you can click this link to view it in YouTube.

Remember to put on the captions. 

Were there some signs that didn't make sense to you?  I recommend that you write each sign down that you learned and make note of something that will help you remember how to sign it.

It can be anything that's going to help you.

  • Write a word, or phrase that will jog your memory.
  • Draw a picture of a stick figure signing it, or a picture of something that will help you remember.
  • Write down the directions of how to sign the sign.

When you go back to practice you will be able to look at your list of words and look at your notes and easily remember them. Soon, you won't have to look at your notes or your list anymore.


Be sure that you're practicing in front of the mirror, or videoing yourself so that you can catch any mistakes you're making.


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If you have any questions let me know and ask in the comments below.


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I'd love to hear from you!

What's been your favorite sign so far? Your least favorite?


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