7 Habits of Wildly Successful Sign Language Learners

I have lots of habits.

Unfortunately for me, my kids like to mimic just the bad ones.

My middle son, Animal, was at his grandparent’s house one day.

A group of us are lounging on the couch chatting away with spaghetti simmering on the stove in the kitchen behind us.

Animal stomps down the stairs, bursts into the living room and shouts, “what the hell is that smell!?”

Of course, I’m too immature to not laugh and parent my child. Mr. Barlow to the rescue.

Saying hell is obviously a bad habit of mine.

I know you may think that’s a silly bad habit, but we were raised to not swear and teach our children the same.

Except, well… I had a 2 year span when I was 17-19 that I swore like a sailor because I was an idiot. Sometimes it just comes out without me realizing it, even after all these years. Thus, my penchant for saying hell.

My defense… it’s not really a swear word.

Before my tendancy to over share explodes from my fingers, I’ll move on to the postive part.

We may have bad habits, but we also have good habits, so don’t despair. All is not lost.

Story Time + ASL + Periscope = Perfection

Amy Milcic and I have teamed up to bring you Story Time and ASL two times a week, every week!

This is an exciting resource for Homeschooling families.

Think of it as a co-op, a virtual co-op. Amy's boys (she has 5) sit around and are in story time. My children join in as well. It's so fun for the other kids to see each other.

If you don't Homeschool, you're welcome to join in as well! If you've got littles at home, they'll love it!

Amy kicks it off with a story, a song, a craft, and some other ideas to use with your story time. She's got great free printables to go along with it.

After that, I teach ASL (American Sign Language) that goes along with story time fun.

Yes, #storytimeasl happens two times a week!