Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 21:: Countries

It's Day 21 y'all!


How did you like Day 20?  Love it? Not get it? If I can, I'll try to put a group of people together and video them playing the game. Don't hold me to it for a while, I've got to find them, teach them the signs, and then get them to allow me to post the video online. Not so simple, but I'd do anything for you.


Back to today.


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Now, this video is probably my most awkward. I thought about re-shooting it, but then, hey, I'm not really feeling like setting everything up and redoing it. It did, surprisingly take me at least 4 takes to get this one decent. It was an off day, I'll just say that. I know the signs, it was me that was weird. We're our worst critics aren't we?


Anyway, you'll see what I mean by awkwardness when you see it.


Awkwardness aside, you'll learn some signs for different countries!


Some things to remember:


1) I want you to know some of the less than PC or older signs so you can recognize them and/or make sure you use the updated ones. I did not show them to you to be rude to other nations and groups of people.


2) People who are Deaf never intended any of the signs to be offensive. They are just very blunt, honest, and open people. I have many many many instances I could share with you. If a hearing person were to say some of the things I've been said most people would be offended. In the Deaf community it's not meant to be offensive. It's something to get used to for sure, but the honesty can be refreshing.


3) There are a lot of country signs that I'd love to learn, but need someone from that country to share their country sign! I would love to put a page together and have people post videos of their country's sign. Then I could put it all together to show you. Wouldn't that be awesome!? I think so.


4) I am a dork.


I hope you enjoyed today's lesson and learned some new signs!


If you don't catch the signs the first time through don't sweat it. Just watch it again and practice practice.


If you don't practice the signs again how will you remember them? I hope learning the background of the signs will help you make a connection to it and remember them easier. I love knowing why signs are the way they are; it's fascinating.


Something unclear? Shoot me a comment or hop on over to my Facebook Page and ask me there!

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