Q&A Tuesday: Left vs Right

It's time to answer some questions!!

Well, today, just the one question.

I'm super excited for this new series of videos I'll be doing for my ASL peeps.

If you have a question, ANY question about ASL or Deaf Culture, etc, please ask! I will answer you on my new Q&A Tuesday videos.

I have been answering emails and comments left hither and thither, but I get a lot of repeat questions, and I'm sure a lot of people want to know, but just don't ask. This way you will all get the answers and not just hope you stumble on the answer throughout the series.

Tweet "How do lefties learn #ASL?

Here's the video!!


I hope that answers my lefties' questions!

Here's a recap

  • Flip it
  • Break it down
  • Watch it slowly
  • Pay attention to dominant hand and the non-dominant hands
  • Placement and movement will be the same

Remember: ask me your questions and I'll make a video just for you! :)

♥ Rochelle