Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 30:: Final Review

Holy smokin' crow meat you've done all the lessons!

Now we'll review the lessons 16 - 29 here.

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Go back through the videos if the following signs gave your trouble:


milk, candy, bread, horse, elephant, moose, doctor, medicine, hurt, Japan, America, Canada, Texas, Washington, New York, actor, student, teacher, pilot, touch-finish, OIC, no problem, train gone, do do do, mind freeze. Described a funny looking man. Fingerspelled: career, queen, planet, grain, construction

Tomorrow is the big test! Agh!

I've broken it down into 2 parts.

Expect to see signs (duh), fingerspelling, and sentences.

You can do it! If you need help go back and do the first review again. Then from there the individual videos that you struggle with. If you are struggling with all the signs, then go through them all again!

Remember, I'm not actually going to give you a grade nor will I scold you if you mess up horrifically.

This is for you to see where you are, to measure your progress and to see where you need help.

I'll be doing some follow up videos to really break some of these concepts down further.

Oh! Something else you could do is make up your own practice sentences. Use a mirror too!

Share some of your practice sentences with us!


♥ Rochelle