Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 3:: Time

  Welcome back to Learn ASL in 31 Days! You've made it to the third day!  Today you'll learn time signs.

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Time is more than just something that zips by you at lightning speed or crawls by like a tortoise.


Time is a very important component for ASL.



ASL doesn't use -ed to indicate past tense.

You don't sign I jogged, or I ran. 

You don't sign I jumped, or I decided. 


You use time signs to structure your sentences and add past, future, and sometimes present tense to your signs and sentences.

I'll break it down so it's not overwhelming!


First, watch the video, then we'll get down to it.


Turn on the captions!!  If you are viewing on a tablet or phone you can click this link to view it in YouTube


Remember to put on the captions. There is no audio!!



Past Tense

  • You sign BEFORE (past) + what you did. Example: BEFORE BOOK READ
  • You sign FINISH + what you did. Example: FINISH BOOK READ
  • You sign the amount of time + what you did. Example: LAST-WEEK BOOK READ

Future Tense

  • You sign WILL (future) + what you will do. Example: WILL BOOK READ
  • You sign the amount of time + what you will do. Example: TOMORROW BOOK READ WILL (the will is for emphasis and can be optional)

Present Tense

  • You sign NOW + what you do. Example: NOW BOOK READ

With present tense, you don't have to sign NOW every time. You do that for emphasis, clarification, or as direction. Every present tense sentence doesn't need to start with NOW.


Actually, I have a whole lesson set aside for this, so I just gave you a quick overview!  You have lots of new signs you learned today, so I'd rather you practice those for now.


Later this week I'll have a practice sheet for you to put all these words together in sentences!

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