Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 17:: Animals

Today is the day to learn animal signs. It's a pretty fun day that everyone can enjoy, even if you're not particularly fond of animals. Did you catch the review? Are you a professional now?


Well, if you're groaning to yourself, don't distress, it's never too late to go back and relearn what you may have forgotten!


Day 17 is a fun simple lesson, perfect for today, I think.

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day 17 animals

day 17 animals

Who doesn't love animal signs?  Don't answer that.


I'm sure you realize there are many many animals in the world. Some are yet to be discovered. Consider those "signless." There are many animals that have a name, latin and otherwise, yet do not have a sign. Many are fingerspelled. For instance, a leafy sea dragon is going to be fingerspelled and not given its own sign. Sorry Leafy.


There are animals that do have signs that I have not included in this video. It's not because I'm biased or hateful, it's because I don't want to throw every stinking animal I know at you. Plus, you'll most likely be getting a follow-up lesson with some more animal signs.



All right already, enough with the chatter, show us the video!




I experimented with the format of the captions so you don't have to stress about turning on the captions or clicking an extra link just so you can see them.  Let me know how it works out for you. I may dink around some more with it until I find something that just says, "Mmmmmmm, that's real nice."


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