Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1:: The ASL Alphabet


Learn ASL in 31 Days is here.

Welcome to the first day!  I'm so excited to get the series underway. We're going to have a lot of fun together.

You've been dying to learn ASL forever! Now you can! You'll learn not only vocabulary, but also grammar and all the skills the go along with ASL. For FREE! Pin so you can have easy access to all 31 lessons. Day 1 is setting the vital foundation for your sign skills, so don't skip it, no matter what!


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You're going to learn the ASL Alphabet first. Now now, don't click away. I know what you're thinking.

I already KNOW the ASL alphabet! This is old news!

Not so my little one.

Well, to be fair, you may. Then again, you may not.

Many many many people often struggle with very specific letters.  They were taught to sign them that way back when they were in elementary school, or they looked at a chart and taught themselves.

The problem with those charts is that often they turn the hand to the side to show you what the fingers look like, but NOT how you're truly supposed to sign it.

Consider it a personal favor to me, and watch the video *just* to double check that you really know the ASL alphabet.

Knowing the alphabet will get you far while you're learning ASL


  • When you don't know the sign for something you can just fingerspell it!
  • Asking someone how to sign something, you'll need to fingerspell it
  • You have to fingerspell titles, names, streets, cities, and most proper nouns
  • Many words may not have a sign. For instance, food and animals (some food and animals have signs, just not all)
  • Get you by when you're bored in a meeting or class!


It's very important to know the proper way of signing the alphabet: not only the proper letters, but how you hold your hand.



Before we get started with the video, have you heard about the practice group you can join? This group is made for people just like you -- those learning ASL! You'll receive all the practice sheets for the 31 lessons and you'll receive challenges.

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Turn on the captions!!  If you are viewing on a tablet or phone you can click this link to view it in YouTube.


Remember to put on the captions. Hit the CC button after you hit play. It's on the panel where you hit play and pause, on the right side. 

How To Practice The ASL Alphabet


A good way to practice your letters is in front of the mirror.  You may think you're doing it correctly, but may wind up noticing some things that need to be tweaked. Practice over and over again.  Try to gain speed without sacrificing quality.


After you've got that down practice the alphabet backwards.  Get that down.


Something I like to do is sign the alphabet forwards and backwards with both of my hands at the same time. I'm weird like that, but it really is helpful in gaining fluency and smoothness in your fingerspelling. 


Since you are new to signing your hands are probably not used to being worked so much and your muscles may feel weak.  Make sure not to overdo it! Believe it or not, your hands can get tired.


You've got to take care of your hands: they're your tools!


Practicing your alphabet, especially with both hands, will help strengthen your muscles, help with your coordination, and your awareness of your hands.


Sounds weird to want to be aware of your hands.  The biggest struggle I see with new signers is their inability to tell when they are not signing something the way they are being shown.  They may flip their hands, or pinch the wrong fingers together.


That's okay!  Don't berate yourself if you're struggling over something.  Just being aware of your hands will go a long way to helping you get the hang of it.


 You've been dying to learn ASL forever! Now you can! You'll learn not only vocabulary, but also grammar and all the skills the go along with ASL. For FREE! Pin so you can have easy access to all 31 lessons

If you have any questions let me know!


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What's the hardest letter for you to remember how to sign?

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