Join The Ultra Awesome ASL Practice Group Today

You Want To Practice ASL With Someone?

Here's your chance. FINALLY!!

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So many many people email me, message me, stalk me, send carrier pigeon messages to my house (how'd they find me?) saying, and I quote:

ROCHELLE!!!! I love learning ASL, but gosh, I can’t practice it anywhere! What am I supposed to do?
— Pretty Much Everyone


To which, I typically replied, "could you get out of my bathroom stall please?"

Then, after a good stern look, a quick wash of the hands, I could hear what they had to say.

Yes, we all need someone to practice our ASL with. Heck, even I, a seasoned signer need someone to practice with.

You know the sad part of it all? I've been planning on making an ASL practice group for well over a year. A year y'all, a year. Here, I'll hold still and someone can punch me square in the throat.

Don't even ask me why. Don't even.




The best news is that it's here and it's here for you today.


Tweet: Join the #ASL practice group at last. Hearts + sunshine + confetti are involved. 

join the ASL practice group today

Why should I join?

This is the best place to practice what you've learned.

No more forgetting the signs you're learning, no more wondering if you're even signing them correctly.

No more worrying that you won't understand anyone when they start signing to you.

You will not fall flat on your face and curl up and die of embarrassment. You will totally rock when you start signing to other signers. You'll be confident, sure, and practice.


  • Every week there's a new challenge to get you signing and growing in your mad sign skills.
  • You'll get feedback from me and the group. Your rate of retention will skyrocket.
  • You'll be able to get answers to your questions and get first access to my new ASL courses.

Who is this group for?

  • It's for anyone on any level of ASL.
  • Don't know ASL, but want to know it? This group is for you.
  • Just started learning? This group is for you.
  • Have you been signing for a while now? This group is for you.
  • Learning Chinese? No, this group is not for you, unless you're learning Chinese and ASL.

BONUS: You get all the practice sheets from the 31 Days Lessons all in one go, AND you'll be invited to our private ASL Q&A sessions.

This practice group is FREE y'all, free.

You're just bursting with excitement, aren't you? Me too. Invite your friends so we can have an amazing group. 

Tweet: I just joined the Awesome amazing long-awaited #ASL Practice group. You can too!