ASL Grammar Without The Frustration

I heard you. You want to be a grand master of ASL. Not just ASL, but ASL grammar.

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But then... you've started to learn it and your brain cramps up, there's just so much to it that you get confused and frustrated, and just worry that no one in the world will understand a thing you're saying. Much less your grammar being correct.

Or worse.

They'll laugh at you (and not in a good way). They'll tell you to stop signing, tell you to quit, and make you feel like a big embarrassed piece of garbage.

First of all, let me assure that none of the above will happen.

Second, I am here to help you move forward and get comfortable with grammar. So comfortable that you won't even realize you're using grammar, but will just be signing along, enjoying yourself, and not headed for a panic and stress-induced stroke.

ASL grammar will take some effort from you. I'm sorry, I can't take that away.

Knowing the right place to start and how to start will help tremendously.

Knowing what to do is mightily important, however, it doesn't do much good if you start to develop the wrong ones first.

That sounds bad. I mean to say, if you focus on one aspect, and ignore another, you could be doubling your work effort and making it harder on yourself to learn later.

Watch this video below (captions included) then grab the FREE download.


Don't forget to download your ASL grammar practice sheets for a quick exercise you can turn to again and again to refine your facial expressions and gain more confidence in your signing abilities.

Answer this:

What was the biggest takeaway from this video for you?

What do you need help with in learning ASL?

Videos #2 and #3 focusing on more ASL grammar and the ASL model will be headed your way. Make sure you ask your questions below to get them answered in the next videos.

ASL Grammar Without The Frustration Part 1

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