ASL Grammar Without Frustration Part Three

ASL Grammar without the frustration part three

You've made it to part three! Wahoo!

Did you miss ASL Grammar Part One? Go check it out as well. You get a free download.

Did you miss ASL Grammar Part Two? Don't skip it! You also get a free download for you to practice with.

In Part One we went over why you need to know ASL grammar and why not to put it off so late. We also went over Facial Expressions and the role they play in ASL grammar.

In Part Two we went over Body Language, then we combined Facial Expressions and Body Language to use in a specific form of ASL grammar.

Now in Part Three, we'll be going over some new things -- don't want to give away the surprise before the video starts -- that cover grammar and the ASL model.

How did your practicing go with Part One and Part Two? If you have questions about any of it, please ask me in the comments below. Guarantee if you have the question then so do lots of others.

ASL Grammar Without The Frustration Part 3

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Of course, I couldn't not include free practice sheets for you. This will give you the opportunity to practice translating sentences and work on some of your classifiers.

Grab it here

Show and Tell

Now that you've seen the video, it's time to put your brain to work. I truly want you to imagine what it would look like when you are very capable at sign language. What does that conversation look like? What does life look like for you?

I want you to share with me what will it mean to you to know ASL the way you truly want to know it? What will your life look like? How will your life be better? This is a question only you can answer, and it's an important one.

Of course, I want you to also ask me any questions you may have concerning ASL grammar and ASL in general. This way you can get your questions answered in upcoming videos.

Look for tomorrow's video! It's gonna be exciting!

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