ASL Done Right is Here!

Did you just throw confetti? Oh no... that was me.

To say I'm excited is like saying getting presents is fine. Which means, I'm mega super-duper sprinkles and ice cream excited.

No, I'm brownies, ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce excited!

Okay, enough about my excitement level. The most important thing is YOUR excitement level because this ASL course is for you, after all!

I told you in yesterday's video that I'd tell you more about it and that's what I'm here to do.

Here's the video, just for you.


Let me just give you a quick re-cap.

You get 32 video lessons.

40 practice videos (with more added all the time -- tailored to the class)

An ebook with 32 lessons, practice sheets, games, tips, ASL grammar, and Deaf Culture.

A practice forum where you'll get a practice partner and find a group.

Feedback from me and others in the group.

Bonus #1: 30-minute consult call with me to use as a bonus lesson, feedback session, a review, or question and answer time. It's up to you how you spend it. (Worth $80)

Bonus #2: 2 group webinars that will be live Q&A, practice time, review, and receive live feedback from me! You have access to the replays for life. (Worth $250)

You get lifetime access to the ASL course.

It's sweet, I know!

You are going to have easy, confident, comfortable, stress-less, even fun conversations in ASL with anyone that uses sign language.

Where can I get in to this sweetness? Right here.


What happens when you click this button? You get taken to the actual course site (ASL Done Right) and you'll get even more information on the course and you'll be able to sign up right away and get immediate access to the course. No waiting for you, my friend.

Remember, the bonuses go away in 7 days. So don't forget. I don't want any tears.

See you over in the course!