Announcing... The revolutionary new course that makes it magically fun to learn ASL!

Secretly wishing your kids will stay outta your hair for at least 30 minutes a day this summer?


Worried your kids' brains will become mush over the summer and their teachers will #sMH at you? 


Desperate to avoid scouring Pinterest, cramming things into your cart to find 5 things for your kids to do, only for them to complete it all in one day and whine, "I'm bored!" ?? 


I know you want to believe this, I did too. This is how a typical June goes when the brilliant idea to do something productive with my summer strikes: 

  1. Get terribly (manically) excited & start planning #allthethings for my kids to do.

  2. Pinterest search the stink out of that stuff.

  3. Bang head against the wall because Pinterest barfed all the things at me and now I can’t decide which to do. My board is filled with 500 pins!

  4. Print all the printables I can find until my fingers are bleeding and I’ve taken out a small load for printer ink.

  5. Tie a train of 5 shopping carts together filled with an infinite amount of popsicle sticks, glue, glitter, paint, t-shirts, and double of everything on The List.

  6. Create a cute, color coordinated schedule for every. single. day. for the entire summer.

  7. Bang head against the wall because day 1 you realize you’re missing a small but vital craft item. Throw a tantrum because the kids have eaten half the treats, cut holes in the cute paper, and spilled glue over all the popsicle sticks.

  8. Call the local mental health clinic looking for a free spot in the padded room.

  9. Pull out all the DVDs, hand the kids the remote, and lock yourself in said padded room.

  10. Pretend you’re still sticking to your perfect schedule when any other mom asks you what you’re up to this summer. #ALLTHETHINGS Debbie, all the things!



Just login,

Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions for each day, and your kids will be able to watch, learn, practice, and SIGN while you eat ice cream in the bathroom!

You get everything:

  • How to construct authentic, accurate sentences so that you can sign with ease & the RIGHT way right away!

  • Experience signed stories & songs so that you can expand your understanding of sign language, enjoy the unique experience, and learn them to share with friends and family.

  • The complete Camper’s Notebook that enables you to quickly and easily understand the Deaf culture, its people, its language. The Camper’s Notebook holds everything you need to complete the activities and videos each day at camp.

  • How to quickly and easily create unique ASL themed crafts and treats so that add a little sparkle to your summer. Better than Edward sparkle. (and totally optional for anti-crafting campers)

  • Earn badges so that your kids can see their progress, stay motivated, feel proud of their efforts, and show off (just a little bit) how cool we know they are.

  • Everything you need, plus the beautiful, wide, white farmhouse kitchen sink with spiral faucet.

Mom (read: forced to hide for some alone time)

Dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas & stuff my days trying to do them)

Hustler (read: do whatever it takes, but don’t want to waste my time)

Chill (read: prefer to take naps & read, so let’s not make daily life too complicated)


I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using scientifically proven methods.

I went from zero to conversational in 2 years… all because i knew how to strategically learn, implement, & practice because I use proven systems and methods. (ain’t nobody got time for trial and error).

I maintained my skills and increased them steadily with these same methods. Because who wants to bust their butt and then years later realize you’ve either forgotten everything but your name or you’re stuck in the same place? Not I.

Ticket to deliriously plug into the brain of someone who understands ASL & willing to share and be silly with your children. >> YES

Ticket to satisfy your children's need for structure, substance, and something to do without the stress. >> YES!

Ticket to feel the thrill of growing minds, taking full credit with zero effort! >> YES PLEASE!

Never worry about summer again.

Every step of the process is broken down and made fun. It teaches ASL for complete understanding and retention.

I don’t give your children a bunch of vocabulary and then say “bye.” Instead, I give them fun ways to learn, practice, use, and review their new signs.

Camper Packet

Download your Camper's Notebook, your badge book, welcome packet, and your Camp schedule. You're ready to rock and roll and sign, sign, sign!

Week 1:

Week 2:


Week 3:

Week 4:


Master the ASL Alphabet: 

Stop struggling with the alphabet. Having a hard time forming the letters correctly? Having a worse time trying to recognize the letters when someone is signing them to you? Master the ASL Alphabet prepares you for the imperative skill of fingerspelling.

ASL Memory Work:

Learn poems, quotes, songs, the 50 states, and verses in ASL to add to your signing repertoire and expand your memory and mind with memorization and sign language. 

Tons of signs, efficient practice, lots of laughing, & a summer that’s so full of joy it annoys the crap out of your neighbors.

Can you image for a minute…

You wake up in the morning, not to stress sweats and tsunami waves of guilt, but to your kids lounging on the couch quizzing each other in sign language. Hey you did it! Oh I remembered that one, too! This is my favorite new sign.

As you sip your coffee, you download your new audio book, grab a bottle of nail polish, and sign your kids into ASL Summer Camp. Have fun kiddos! Mama’s gonna paint her toes while you’re signing. :)

You decide to sneak in a quick peek today… because you just can’t stop looking at their cute little hands signing. Your cheeks are aching from all the smiling and happy signs. Life is amazing.


  • Think that your kids aren’t good with their hands

  • Feel like your kids brain cells take a walk outside every time you sit them down to do something educational

  • Are so exhausted that you’re not sure you have time to get your kids settled and don’t want to spend a minute longer than necessary to think

  • Don’t think your kid can sit still long enough to finish a sign language video

  • Have your summer filled with random vacations and activities

  • Think that signing is a natural skill and only gifted linguists know how to sign fluently


The bottom line is this:

Asl summer camp is the ONLY camp on the planet that gets your kids loving signing, having fun, and actually learning authentic ASL (and not just cutesy signs) WITHOUT having to scour Pinterest, the emptying the store shelves, and crumbling into a puddle of stressed-out goo that used to be called Mom.

WITHOUT boring your kids into zombie oblivion.

WITHOUT you holding their hands to get it done.

asl summer camp sales page images.png
  • Camper's Checklist

  • Camper's Notebook

  • 63+ Awesome Videos (lessons, songs, stories, practices, etc)

  • 23 Fun activities (games, treats, crafts, quizzes, etc)

  • Badge Book + Badges

  • Lifetime access

  • Master the ASL Alphabet

  • ASL Memory Work


Save time, energy, and frustration. Enjoy calm, confidence, and crazy awesome signing fun!

frequently asked questions

+ Who is this best for?

This is made for kids ages 6 - 15. This is for kids that can read, or read with assistance. If your child is younger, they may need more help and may not be able to grasp everything. If your child is older, or if this is for an adult, you are welcome to join in. All ages and abilities can learn and benefit from Camp ASL. Your ASL skills will grow.

+ What happens when I register for camp?

You throw a party! No? Well, immediately after registering for camp you will gain immediate access to summer camp. The course is self-paced and you will receive access to all materials and videos immediately.

+ What do I need?

You need an internet connection, a printer and paper, and a few craft materials listed in the workbook. The crafts are 100% optional. You also need to have a fun attitude!

+ Will my child need my help?

That depends on your child. Only you know your child best. If your child can read and navigate the site, then they're good to go. They may need some initial instruction to get comfortable with the setup and flow. For the videos they should be just fine on their own. If they don't get it, have them watch the videos several times. Many adults have to do this as well, in fact, I recommend that all videos be watched more than 2 times in all my ASL courses.

+ Can more than one child attend?

I'm a mother of 6 kids. I understand what a strain on the budget it would be if I sent all 6 kids to a summer activity. I want to support families and make it possible for anyone in their immediate family to participate. Not Uncle Bobby, just Brother Johnny and Sister Sally. I've tried really hard to make Camp ASL affordable. I just want you to have a great summer and learn something at the same time. So yes, very long story short, all of your children can attend.

+ How much time is needed per day?

There are 4 weeks, and in each week you have 4 days of lessons & activities. Each day there are different activities and videos. I would dedicate 45 - 60 minutes a day to Camp ASL. It may be shorter or longer, it depends on the day and your child.

The days are structured so they're not just watching the whole time, they are participating and doing and moving. This is why it can be hard to pinpoint just how long each day will last.

There are alternate schedules you can choose from if you’d like to spread it out the days, spread out the lessons and activities, etc. ASL Summer Camp is very flexible to fit your days (not your days fitting it).

+ How long do I have access? What if I go on vacation?

How does lifetime access sound? You can keep going when you return. Make sure to bring me back a souvenir!

+ Is this just a bunch of vocabulary videos?

Oh no! Vocabulary videos are super important and have their place. You will have them at camp, but you'll have so much more! Songs, stories, and even more important: sentences. Your children will receive a well-rounded and applicable ASL education. On top of that, they'll have activities that don't require a computer.

  • Camper's Checklist

  • Camper's Notebook

  • 63+ Awesome Videos (lessons, songs, stories, practices, etc)

  • 23 Fun activities (games, treats, crafts, quizzes, etc)

  • Badge Book + Badges

  • Lifetime access

  • Master the ASL Alphabet

  • ASL Memory Work