Better than school more fun than Disneyland

This is how you can learn ASL without cramming til 2 am or doing some mystical fire dance

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The Starter Kit for Mastering ASL!

Get the tools, tips, resources, and plans that you need in order to master ASL, stop struggling, and sign with confidence!

This 5-day email course will deliver the goods that you need (along with specific action steps to implement) straight to your inbox! Time to kickstart your growth and make your ASL dreams happen. Finally!

I'm Rochelle!

I started learning ASL when I was a wee lass.

Guess what?

I was clueless!

I had no idea what to do other than feast on the ASL dictionary I bought. What was I supposed to learn? Was there a right way and wrong way to sign sentences? I hadn’t a clue. Wasn’t it just pretty stuff in the air? Ha!

After 2 years of flopping around, desperate to get my hands on the good stuff, my mom enrolled me in private tutoring. Instead of relying on an outdated dictionary I knew what to do! I learned the right signs, the right sentence order, and the importance of expression and body language. Less than a year later…  I could hold long conversations with my new Deaf friend (met her at the ice skating rink) without having to ask her what she was signing. Oh yeah.

I felt like the Queen of ASL.

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Wipe your eyes, put out the fire, and get off the floor.

The ASL Starter Kit is for you if you want:

  • Handy tools and resources so that you can end the confusion and overwhelm of learning sign language.

  • The ability to crush self doubt, fear, and lack of motivation so that you can make your goals happen.

  • Best study practices & keep what you've learned in that lovely brain of yours!

  • Specific action steps to start implementing STAT.