Are you committing these common crimes against ASL Grammar?
  1. Forget what you’re supposed to do to ask a question, better yet, to not ask a question. (Where do my eyebrows go?)

  2. Make weird movements with your mouth trying to form those mouth thingies (why is she running away from me?)

  3. Mix up which sign goes where and confuse yourself (he did what to the what at the what and then a dog barked at the table?)

  4. Add an S to a sign to make it plural (CAT+S MY FAVE)

  5. Fingerspell everything (S-U-R-E-L-Y-T-H-E-R-E-S-A-B-E-T-T-E-R-W-A-Y)

  6. Avoid facial expressions because gah! I’m gonna look like a freak and I don’t do freak (reserved, shy wallflowers, raise your hands)

  7. Shorten and dumb down what you’re trying to say since you don’t know how to sign it (let’s just stick with STORE I GO I)

  8. Experience mind numbing blankness when standing in front of an actual Deaf person who’s trying to sign with you. Eek! (umm… umm… umm… how do I sign that perfectly?)

  9. Sign in english word order (I AM GO-ING-TO-THE-STORE-TO-DAY!)

  10. Not sign because, hello, you’re gonna mess up, so might as well avoid it (see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya)

 How to master ASL grammar even if you are the least expressive and most reserved person on the planet.
 Why even master asl grammar?
  • When you master ASL grammar you know exactly what to sign, when to sign it, and how to sign it so they hang on your every word and love signing with you
  • When you master ASL grammar your signing goals are closer than you initially projected. 10 years to become fluent? No way Jose!
  • When you master ASL grammar your signing is so natural and beautiful people will swear you’ve been signing most of your life.

  • When you master ASL grammar you show your respect and passion for the language, its culture, and it community. Instant vat of friends.

 So what CAN you do to master ASL grammar and sign like a natural without toiling for years on end to get there?
 Use your natural abilities + personality + specific techniques to turn yourself into a confident, natural, expressive signer without stuttering and stumbling along
 I want to conquer asl grammar But but but…
 Fear  What if they don’t understand me?   
 Anger  Why do they make it so complicated?   
 Angst  What if they laugh when I sign?   
 Dread  What if I make a fool of myself?   
 Dilemma  What if they think I’m being rude?   
 Panic  How do I sign it the RIGHT way?   
 Doubt  How do I even know where to start?   
 Despair  Does ANY of this make sense? It don’t get it!   
 Discouragement  I don't think I can do this!

Play the video below to find out what The Little Mermaid taught me about ASL Grammar

 “I am just like you.”

Mom (read: forced to work during random spurts of time)

Dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas & goals & stuff my days to achieve them)

Hustler (read: do whatever it takes but don’t want to spend thousands)

I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using proven methods.

I went from signing passably to signing like a natural in 2 years… all because I know how to strategically learn, implement, and practice because I use proven systems and methods. (ain’t nobody got time for trial and error).

I maintained my skills and increased them steadily with these same methods. Because who wants to bust their butt and then years later realize you’ve either forgotten everything but your name or you’re stuck in the same place? Not I.


 ASL Grammar Lab is your wave bye-bye-bye

The sheer, absolute despair of messing up sentences, doing it wrong


The mind-numbing terror of going to a Deaf event and no one understands you


The not-knowing, second-guessing, scrambling, cobbling your way to ASL grammar mastery


The unrelenting desire to burn your dictionaries, smash your computer, fold yourself in a ball of despair & snot, and quit


The squandered time, the isolation, the colossal blunders, the humiliation…


 If you want to master asl grammar and have all but given up… here’s hope!     Grammar isn’t just learning sentence order, stickings some signs in and signing them. Your signs, facial expressions, syntax, and nuances are elements in your grammar laboratory. ASL Grammar Lab is the very first system of its kind that gives you absolute surety that every aspect of ASL grammar are met and mastered!      Imagine you… feeling confident as you sign with your ASL friends; you are smooth, clear, & expressive.  Imagine friends… inspired to learn sign language because you moved them with your beautiful signing.       Just open the video on your computer,     Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions in the grammar laboratory, and you’ll be able to conquer the ASL grammar demon every single time you sign.     It gives you everything:      
  • How to construct authentic, accurate sentences. Signing is all about the facial expressions, mouth movements, and body language. Learn the nuances for each aspect of the grammar laboratory to sign what you really mean!
  • Experience signing sentences, changing sentences and texts from English to ASL, watching a multitude of examples and step-by-step walkthroughs, & use a variety of tools to retain. Keep it in that brain!
  • How to put all the grammar lab elements together as a whole, moving, smooth unit. No more guessing, no more stumbling, no more stressing where that hand goes or what your eyebrows are even doing. Is that anger or nausea?

  • The Lab Manual that enable you to easily access the information, charts, examples, walkthroughs, to understand, retain, and get it done! Quickly & easily complete the assignments & practice material with confidence and sparkle. Better than Edward sparkle.

  • Work together as a class to complete grammar experiments & challenges. Feedback on your grammar, your weak spots, and your strengths. Find buddies to practice with & watch your skills take off. Work together to take over the world... Er, take over the world & awesome mad grammar skills.

  • Everything you need plus the beautiful, wide, white, farmhouse kitchen sink with spiral faucet.

 “ASL Grammar Lab  is your permission slip”   

Permission to deliriously plug into the brain of someone who understands ASL grammar & willing to share her secrets


Permission to satisfy the lifelong yearning for knowing this beautiful language, its intricacies and signs


Permission to feel the thrill of seeing their confusion dissolve into cries of “ohmyamazing!”


 Developed & delivered by Rochelle Barlow, founder of ASL Done Right

I am Rochelle!

I started learning ASL as a kid and the first few years learning on my own were… well let’s just say the word sporadic would be an overstatement.

You know why?

Because I had no idea what I was doing. I was only looking at dictionaries, and using their limited grammar advice (can anyone say S.E.E.?), and had no real plan, or goal. Result? I couldn’t hold a conversation. Surprise surprise. *eyeroll*


It was when I decided to knuckle down like a bare knuckle brawler that I started to see results like these in less than 12 months:

  • Multiple conversations with Deaf friend without once having to ask what she was signing

  • Increased vocabulary to 1,000+ signs

  • Finally understood the right way to put sentences together.


After 2 more years:

  • Interpreting for my Deaf friends

  • Testing out of half my Interpreting Training Program

  • Multiple Deaf/Hard of Hearing friends

  • Tutoring other ASL students (some older than me)

  • Mastered ASL grammar and syntax


Fast forward to today:

  • Professional ASL interpreter of 17 years
  • ASL teacher for 16 years, worked with 1000+ people
  • Spend my time maintaining & continuing ed.
 Never worry if you’re signing right again.
 Steal my brain  Swipe my process  Smash the fear   

To create clear, concise, correct signing that has friends banging down your door begging for you to teach them everything!

Every step of the process is revealed: all of the grammar elements for total grammar mastery.

I don’t show you a few sentence structures and then say “go sign.” Instead, I give you goof-proof guides for everything. Expression, sentences, practice, classifiers, mapping, and every single element involved.

 It’s all step by step.  Step 1, watch this. Step 2, do this. Step 3, sign this. Step 4 feedback. And you’re done. No stress, no confusion, and no failure.    So you can do your thing and be a gifted grammarian (aka grammar guru)    




 asl grammar lab

Module 1: What is ASL Grammar exactly?

Before you can begin to use ASL grammar you need to know what it is so that you when you begin to learn each element in its entirety you can see the big picture and how each element fits and acts as one cohesive unit in order for your signing to be cohesive and comprehensive.

Your sentences, thoughts, and ideas will be accurate, your words clear.


Module 2: Expressions in All Their Glory

Extensive training on ASL nuances and expressions so that you can quickly produce the appropriate expressions, variants, and nuances while signing as well as easily incorporate them into your signing.

Expressions of all kinds are an integral part of ASL grammar and communication. Expand on your understanding and depth of use for better conversations, deeper meaning, and to add layers to your messages.


Module 3: Get Classified

This weeks gives you the good stuff to increase your vocabulary without having to learn new signs!

How to describe people, places, and objects when there are no real signs to express your thought otherwise.

Dive into classifiers so that you can effectively communicate exactly what is happening, when, to whom, and how without overusing your fingerspelling skills, mouthing, or wild gesticulating. Classifiers make it possible to go deeper in your communication ability, to smoothly and easily, show the full picture and will immediately up your skills from newbie to wowzer!


Module 4: Spider Webbing

How to navigate the complex ideas, people, places, and stories you share.  

Grasp the concept of mapping and how and when to use this integral skil so that you can increase your clarity, the complexity, and deliverability of your thoughts.

Drop the confusion and make your sentences spot on.


Module 5: A Sea of Syntax

This module you’ll go deeper than before, gaining more knowledge than ever before on sentence structure.

Go well beyond the basic time topic comment sign order sentences. Deep dive into every type of sentence and the elements within each sentence so that you take your signing to a whole ‘notha level.

Work sentence by sentence, step-by-step, together through a seaful of practice sentences in order to see a variety of sentences and understand completely why and how and what to do when so that when it comes down to a real conversation in real time you totally got this! In all their varieties.


Module 6: Write it Out

This module you’ll learn the skills necessary to write out and translate English into ASL so that you can take any piece of written, spoken, or visual piece and sign it.

Break multiple pieces down into ASL and apply your grammar elements so that you can see what you want to sign and sign what others have translated with ease.


Module 7: Practice Makes Perfect

How to put each grammar element into place into one great whole so that your message is complete, clear, accurate, and expressive. Learn the elements of taking your new knowledge and understanding and applying it in your future ASL studies and practice so that you do not lose what you’ve gained, but instead increase and expand your know-how to native levels.


Module 8: Real Time Use

How to take all this knowledge, all these elements, all this practice and use it, in real-time so that you’re not just book smart, you’re street smart. You will learn to hone your craft to use all the grammar elements in a live conversation, with no pause button, no stumbling, and no ulcers.

You can have real conversations, with real people, and totally rock!


Facebook community

Learn with a group, you’ll retain so much more than if you did it on your own. Join together with other ASL Done Right Vol 1 students to practice, ask questions, get feedback, accountability, support, and encouragement.

Post videos, watch videos, chat. Support from myself included, of course!

Monthly challenges and two monthly Q&A + Chat livestreams!

Untitled design-12.png
 bonuses makes everything scrumptious

Library of Grammar Resources

Over # workbooks, worksheets, & videos to practice your grammar elements.  Meaning, you’ll have other resources and practice materials to turn to after youv’e completed the Lab & Lab Manual. Retention is half the battle with ASL, and a crushing blow when you lose any ground you’ve gained. This library gives you plenty of opportunity to practice without having to search for a friend to sign with, buy another course, or scour the internet for shoddy material. 

ASL Practice Action Plan

Evaluate your growth from before the ASL Grammar Lab to after and exactly where you need to improve. Don’t worry, you won’t be left in the dark. Now you know where your strengths and weaknesses are, you’ll receive an action plan to know how & what to focus on for further understanding and progression.

Set a realistic practice schedule that works for you, your goals, your life, and where you’re at. Track your progress, track your goals, track your wins for fantastic motivation, and consistent grammar & signing gains.

 Grammar skills that fly from your hands, efficient practice, & a life that’s so full of joy it annoys the crap out of your neighbors.

Can you imagine for a minute…

You wake up in the morning, not to deep sighs and regret of “someday” I’ll be good at sign language, but to a new message from your Lab classmate while you slept. Hey, thanks for the feedback! You rock. Are we still on for the call tonight? I really need your help again!

As you sip your coffee, you email back your new signing friend. Heck yes I’ll be there tomorrow! It was so fun chatting (signing) with you last week- let’s catch a movie this weekend!

You decide to sneak in a quick break today… because you just can’t stop obsessing with the Instagram videos of the traveling Deaf Guy, of any ASL video really. Your cheeks are aching from all the smiling and happy sighs. Life is amazing.


 Now picture this…  What if there was a system that allowed you to do this-- strike up a conversation at a Deaf event and not stumble through a conversation?  And converse without stressing, freaking out, or worrying that you’re killing the language… and not in a good way. Signing fluidly and easily and expressively...   
 ASL Grammar Lab works even if you…
  • Think that you’re not very expressive. In fact you’re the opposite, reserved, shy. iRobot here we come.
  • Feel like your brain cells take a walk outside your brain every time you sit down to learn sign language grammar. That goes where?
  • Are an old lady with not many brain cells to speak of.
  • Think that it’s a natural skill and only gifted linguists know how to sign fluently.
  • Are so exhausted that you’re not sure you have time to work on your dream, let alone breathe.
  • Or, even if you DO have a working knowledge of ASL, and are simply looking for a way to hone your craft and make the process faster, easier, and far more efficient…

The bottom line is this:

ASL Grammar Lab is the ONLY course on the planet that makes you a grammar guru WITHOUT having to attend multiple college courses and years of signing experience to get there.

 Are you ready to step up?   
 asl grammar lab

Instant Access to 8 ASL Grammar Lab Modules

Instant Access to ASL Grammar Lab Course Lab Manual

Access to the Facebook community forum.

Instant Access to Grammar Element charts

Access to 6 Class Experiments

Instant Access to Examples, Walkthroughs, and Practices

Instant Access to the Practice Action Plan

Instant Access to the jam-packed ASL Grammar Practice Library


Registration Ends in:

 “Instant access to all modules and bonuses”

 Let me woo you with some love notes...
 asl grammar lab you can do it in a quarter of the time + without the pain

The best thing about this method is that it is designed for SPEED.

I can’t promise to make you “fluent in ASL” in just 8 weeks. Luckily, good sign language is such a rare skill set that improving your skills by even 10% will pay MASSIVE dividends.

That’s what I call the “above the rest” factor. You don’t have to become a guru of sign language, just above the rest. When it comes to American Sign Language, most people have no clue what they are doing! So just by implementing a few simple rules into your skills, you will immediately harness an unfair advantage over everyone else around you. While you’re not competing with others, you don’t want to stay stuck like them. You want to get there fast. And you want to keep on going up up up (to guru status, of course).

 Let’s face it,  The next 8 weeks are going to pass you by anyway.  Will you spend it going through the same old scratch your head, “I have no idea if this is right…” and getting the same scratch your head results?  Or will you decide that it’s your time to jettison your ASL grammar know-how into a whole new level of success?   
 Warning: do not buy asl grammar lab if…
  • You are hoping and praying for some get fluent-real-quick program.
  • You firmly believe that you will only get true value from a program that has a pair of zeroes at the end.
  • You have been conditioned to believe that it takes years and years to become conversational


Stop everything & get asl grammar lab if…

  • You are ready to stop making excuses and finally take charge of your grammar
  • You are willing to put in at least an hour each week for 8 weeks
  • You are excited to get out of your comfort zone and try the techniques I am teaching you
  • You are ready to commit, follow through and eager to make your daydream reality.
 ASL Grammar Lab will give you exactly what you need to be a great grammarian.

Save time, energy and frustration, and gain clarity, confidence, and expression.

frequently asked questions

+ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you enroll and never ends! It’s a completely self-paced, online course. You get to decide when you start and finish! :-)

+ What format is the course delivered in?

The course materials include video lessons for you to watch, fun and effective assignments (after each video lesson), a lab manual (aka workbook + textbook) that you can print off and fill out with additional text and resources in all of the lessons. As well as other downloadables (video slides, charts, audio- with transcripts, and more).

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course (including all course updates and added bonus content) across all of your devices. Excited?

+ Will I learn vocabulary as well?

Nope. I do have 3 other courses you can take alongside this one that are stuffed with vocabulary. This is 100% grammar grammar grammar!!!!! Of course, you will see & practice signing. Do you need to know a bajillion or even half a bajillion signs to complete this course? Absolutely not. I would recommend that you at least be part way through a level 1 course (31 Days/Vol 1).

+ Will the lessons be a bunch of boring videos?

I wrote and shot each lesson myself, and boy did I laugh a lot during the process. I may be strange, but if you call me boring, I will come after you with my thumb and my wicked witch laugh. I pride myself on being kinda crazy/weird/awkward and I don’t do boring. The beauty of these lessons is that they are interesting AND they work. So not just entertainment, but entertainment that teaches and supports.

+ How quickly will I see results and will I become the face of ASL?

Let’s be honest… extremely fast action takers will see almost immediate results. Slower than molasses implementers may see painfully slow results! People that only watch but never do will see mega painfully slow results. Are you a doer or a talker? That is the bottom line. I can give you the tools, and bug you to use them, but I can’t do the work for you. You get what you put in! You can’t be the face of ASL without putting in the time.

+ What happens after I enroll?

I’ll wave my magic wand and set you up with instant access to your course and bonuses. You’ll be emailed your receipt and your welcome. Within 24 hours your invitation to the Slack community forum will be sent. You simply accept the invitation, say “hey,” and get started. So simple.

+ What if I hate your face after the first video and don’t want to continue?

I like to think I’m not heinous looking, especially after I put some makeup on, but I can understand why someone would hate a woman that has lots of poofy hair and a loud laugh. You have a 7-day money back guarantee for a refund. Due to the nature of the content, in order to receive your refund you’ll need to complete the first 2 modules- finish every video and email me your completed assignments.

+ Why can’t I buy this later?

There might NOT be a later. I’m not talking zombie apocalypse. (Does anyone else not like zombies like me? Blech.) I want to give my current students my undivided attention, and am contemplating adding and updating portions of the content, which is dependent on how much time and energy I have. Time and energy I want to devote to my current students first. This course is also in Beta mode. I have a limited number of spots for the first wave of the first online edition of this course. After these students go through, the course will be updated, and the price WILL increase. Beta students have full access to any and all updates, new bonuses, and additions without paying ever again.

 asl grammar lab

Instant Access to 8 ASL Grammar Lab Modules

Instant Access to ASL Grammar Lab Course Lab Manual

Access to the Facebook community forum.

Instant Access to Grammar Element charts

Access to 6 Class Experiments

Instant Access to Examples, Walkthroughs, and Practices

Instant Access to the Practice Action Plan

Instant Access to the jam-packed ASL Grammar Practice Library

registration Ends in:

 P.S. 10% of all sales from this (and all my stuff) goes to educate hearing families with a Deaf child(ren) in America.