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  • You want to teach yourself ASL.

  • You want to remember all of the signs you learn.

  • You want to feel confident while you sign.

  • You want to feel competent and understood when you are signing with a Deaf person.

  • You want to understand what they’re signing, too!

  • You don’t want to look like a total newbie.

I believe great signing comes from great expression and all you need to learn ASL is passion.

From Day 1, Rochelle sold me instantly based on her personality alone. I search for ASL videos frequently and I find that many make me feel like I’m in a class. With Rochelle, it doesn’t feel that way. I was immediately drawn in by her fun and welcoming persona which makes me eager to learn ASL each day.
— Tiffani

Imagine yourself in the middle of a community eager to help you in your efforts to learn ASL. They’re anxious to practice with you because they’re on the same journey.

Imagine heading to a local Deaf event with an eager smile on your face, because you’ve been signing with your own ASL community with great success.

When you join my ASL community you will get a handle on the grammar, expressions, and signs so that you can sign with confidence and joy.

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My story, in a tiny tiny nutshell

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I remember how I felt when I first discovered sign language.

I was deeply fascinated and eager to learn all I could about it. I begged my mom for anything that could help me learn. I devoured every dictionary and book in sight.

I was obsessed. I wanted more.

But, I couldn’t figure out how to advance past what I had learned.

My mother signed me up for a private tutor who introduced the concept of grammar. She corrected many of the signs that were wrong or outdated in the dictionary. I had been signing for years thinking I was doing it right, priding myself in my accuracy, when I was actually doing it wrong. I felt like a fool.

Each week I met with her, my insecurity transformed into confidence. Soon after, I met a Deaf girl, about my age, at the ice skating rink. We signed for hours and hours and met again the next weekend. I knew everything she signed!

She knew what I was signing and complimented my signing. I felt incredible! My passion for ASL grew by bounds, realizing that not only was signing what I wanted to do with my life, but that I could do it and that I was signing well.

I advanced beyond my peers and began interpreting for another Deaf friend when I was just a high school student. And I haven’t stopped signing since.

YOU can too. I can help you skip the hard learning curve and start signing the right way.

I love the videos, I’ve been trying to teach my ASL for years, but have yet to find a program as clear and accurate (and enjoyable) as this. :-)
— Marisa

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