Welcome to Day 1!

Watch the video to find out how to dissect sentences and the instructions for your first challenge. Download the workbook to use for the entire challenge (no skipping ahead). 

AFTER you've completed your first challenge, be sure to watch the video below to check your answers. This was recorded live in the Facebook group, and all the challenge participants found this video to be incredilbly helpful. 

Welcome to Day 2

If you didn't download the workbook from yesterday's challenge, it will always be underneath each challenge video for mega easy access. Watch the video and get to work

Check your answers in the video below

(after finishing the challenge)

Welcome to Day 3

 Find out how to arrange the parts you've been dissecting in today's video. Have fun! Your assignment is found in the challenge workbook.

Watch the video below to check your anwers

Welcome to Day 4

Today's challenge is a good one! Let's check your syntax abilities. You're going to fix all the mistakes in the 5 sentences in the workbook. 

After you've corrected the 5 sentences, watch the video to check your answers

Welcome to Day 5

You're going to put everything together today into one challenge. Watch the video to find out what & how and then get cracking!

Post your answers in the group after you're done and I'll review a few lucky folk's sentences.

Watch the video below to see me review pre-submitted sentences.